MagStress5c Barkhausen effect intensity meter





About the device

The MagStress5c device is a fifth-generation gauge that can be used to rapidly diagnose the stress state of ferromagnetic steel components and structures. The MagStress5c device magnetizes locally the tested material and analyzes in real time the electromagnetic signals registered by the probe and associated with dynamic magnetization of the tested object.

Our method of determining the stress state in ferromagnetic steel using the Barkhausen (EB) effect is approved by the Office of Technical Inspection and the Polish Register of Shipping.


Advantages of the device:

  1. Fully customizable to customer needs
  2. Quick and easy stress measurement (in seconds))
  3. Resistant to atmospheric conditions
  4. Stress value display directly in MPa
  5. Touch screen display
  6. Possibility of testing through paint coatings
  7. Long-lasting autonomous operation

  1. Measurement of stress in steels
  2. Verification of the effectiveness of annealing procedures – thermal and mechanical
  3. Stress mapping of larger objects
  4. Industries: Power generation, offshore, petrochemical, metallurgy, engineering, automotive and others

Device parameters:

  1. Power supply: 100 – 240 V 50/60Hz
  2. Working time on battery power: 3h
  3. Display: TFT 5″, 800 x 400 px
  4. Dimensions: 315 x 165 x 95 mm
  5. Weight: 3kg
  6. KIT CONTENTS: Central unit, measuring head, charger with power supply,
    power cables, mass cable, transport box

12 months warranty

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